iCandy Digital Brand Guidelines

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Custom Images

We encourage you to create custom artwork to reflect the personal style of your website. Use any of the assets available in the Press Lounge to accomplish this, but please ensure you are conforming to our brand guidelines. 

If you have any questions or require verification on any artwork please email danb@icandyuk.com   

For any general website help please email davidw@icandyuk.com

Image sources

Images should be sourced from iCandy approved digital asset managers – such as the Press Lounge – to ensure the latest and correct images are being used. This is applicable to both product photography and lifestyle photography.

For any specific images that are not available on the Press Lounge please contact: danb@icandyuk.com

Image integrity

Any iCandy images featured on your website should be of a high resolution (72dpi minimum). Product photography should feature consistent background colour across the entire iCandy product catalogue.

Images can be cropped and resized in accordance with your website demands, but they must not be:

– stretched

– coloured

– altered or edited

{For guidance on this please refer to the below example under ‘Logos’}

Image Sizing

Cropping is permitted to fit in to your website for banners, promotional pods, product showcases, etc. However, please ensure you adhere to the ‘Image integrity’ requirements.

iCandy Logo

Please ensure you are using the latest version of the iCandy logo available on the Press Lounge. 

The logo must not be:

– stretched

– coloured

– amended or edited

The iCandy logo should have adequate spacing around it when used online. Please do not encroach within a width of the ‘C’ on either side and the height of the logo above or below.  Please note the minimum size for the logo is 12mm width

For black/dark backgrounds, please use a white logo only.

For white/bright backgrounds, please use a black logo only.

All Logos can be found here

Product Logos

Each iCandy collection has an approved logo available in the Press Lounge (eg. Peach, Orange, etc). Please ensure you are using the correct product logo and not creating your own version of one.

For all iCandy product portfolio Logos, click here

Product Titles

All product titles should be the approved terminology as used by iCandy. Numbers for versions should only be used if iCandy use them (eg. use ‘New Peach’ and not ‘Peach 5’).

iCandy should always appear with a lower case ‘i’ and a capital ‘C’. If your template does not allow this for product titles, please contact davidw@icandyuk.com

Product Descriptions

Content for product descriptions can be taken from approved press releases available in the Press Lounge. All technical specifications are available there or on the iCandy World website.

Please ensure all product descriptions:

– Include all USPs for the product

– Are clear to the user in what is included in the box and what requires an additional purchase (eg. ‘Single’ Peach converting to ‘twin’ requires a separate purchase)

– Are free from spelling errors

– Are grammatically correct

– Contain keyword-laden headings that are nested logically to separate content (eg. ‘iCandy Peach specifications’ as a H2 ahead of the specifications list)

– Always feature iCandy with a lower case ‘i’ and an uppercase ‘C’

– When using any text/ copy for your iCandy artwork, note this MUST be in font type Trade Gothic- See below.

Rich Content

We strongly encourage the inclusion of rich content on your product pages including (but not limited to):

– A minimum of 4 images for a pushchair

– A minimum of 1 image for accessories

– Images must be consistent in background colour

Lifestyle imagery

– iCandy produced video content if available via the iCandy Youtube Channel

– Third-party produced video content if available

– PDF downloads of promotional materials

Link Sales

We encourage the inclusion of link sale items on all iCandy product pages. Please ensure the items in the link sale are compatible with the product the customer is viewing (eg. A duopod link sale for a Peach).

Landing Pages

Should your website have a brand landing page for iCandy, please ensure:

– You follow all the image requirements within our brand guidelines

– Always feature iCandy with a lower case ‘i’ and an uppercase ‘C’.

If you have any questions regarding landing pages, or require verification before going live, please email davidw@icandyuk.com

Homepage Banners

Please use approved lifestyle/product imagery in your homepage banners. See ‘Images’ section of the brand guidelines for more information.

If you would like to work with the iCandy Team to produce bespoke banners for your website, please email davidw@icandyuk.com

Logo Carousel

If you feature a logo carousel on your website, please do include the iCandy logo which is available in the Press Lounge. For logo usage, please see the iCandy Logo section of the brand guidelines.


Any additional question or queries on artwork creation please contact: Dan Brand on danb@icandyuk.com

Regarding Digital Marketing please contact: David Waddington on davidw@icandyuk.com

For all UK & Ireland Press please contact: Naomi Williams on naomiw@icandyuk.com