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The iCandy for Land Rover Press Experience Launch 

The iCandy for Land Rover Press launch is a celebration of two British icons combining to create the perfect travel solution for adventurous parents. In a nursery industry first, this exclusive joint event will take place at the Home of Jaguar Land Rover. Guests will be treated to an overnight stay at the luxury Hograth hotel, before arriving in style to the experience centre courtesy of traditional 12 seater Land Rover Defenders. The purpose of this launch is to allow both press and influencers to immerse themselves within the world of both iCandy and Land Rover.
Visitors will be treated to a brand and product immersion, this will help attendees understand the essential DNA and key ethos behind both brands and how this is reflected in the innovation and ingenuity of the product. Notable attendees include sporting British icon and Olympic Gold medallist Amy Williams and keen sailor Hannah White, who has sailed the Atlantic three times, and has recently entered the parenting arena by starting a blog in order to share her experiences. Meanwhile, new iCandy parent Zara Tindall will be leaving a special video message for the guests in attendance. Zara already has the iCandy for Land Rover stroller, for her second daughter, Lena.
Presentations on the day will be led by Paul Beckett, the Senior Creative Designer at Land Rover, and Paul Walker who is Head of Product at iCandy. These presentation’s will be accompanied by mood boards, sketches and designs which demonstrate how the original design concepts came together in order to create the iCandy for Land Rover pushchair. The final product will then be unveiled in the breath-taking cinema room, with a full hands on experience for those at the event.
Attendees will then be treated to an adrenaline filled off-road driving experience, where they will manoeuvre top of the range Land Rover vehicles off road to truly experience what separates the Land Rover brand from other motoring institutions. The event promises to be a special day for both iCandy and Land Rover as they finally get the opportunity to showcase a stroller which has been two years in the making, one which represents a real labour of love by both brands.

Speakers at the event: 

Paul Beckett: 
Senior Creative Designer
Dept: Lifestyle Product Design
 Paul's most notable recent projects include the design and development of Jaguar and Land Rover's Ride On Toys. His main areas of focus for the Lifestyle Product Design team are to produce the Jaguar and Land Rover Collections of Branded Goods, as well as being the Design touch point for all licensed collaborations - inc. Zenith's collection of Range Rover watches. 

Paul Walker:
Role: Head Of Product 
Dept: Product Design 
Paul is the person at iCandy responsible for the creation of all iCandy pushchairs. With a wealth of experience, Paul leads the iCandy design team and ensures the brand never fall behind its extremely high standards. Unwilling to compromise on the pursuit of perfection, Paul has been responsible for some of iCandy’s greatest innovations and continues to work on the cutting edge of pushchair design.

Thomas Bateman: 
Role: Head Of Marketing 
Dept: Marketing 
Thom is one of the key reasons behind the collaboration of Land Rover and iCandy and was central to the implementation of this endeavour, leading the project from iCandy's side. Heading up the Marketing department, Thom and his team's primary challenge is to grow the brand’s presence further and showcase the exciting product developments made by the iCandy brand. Also responsible for iCandy's creative output on this project, Thom’s work is evident throughout the DNA of the iCandy marketing.

Naomi Williams
Role: PR Manager
Dept: PR
Naomi Williams is responsible for looking after the image of the brand and liaising with Press, influencers and consumers. With a strong background in fashion PR, Naomi has a natural artistic flair and is passionate about design and practicality. Naomi has been instrumental in organising the iCandy for Land Rover press launch, overseeing every detail of the event to ensure it did justice to the collaboration.

Amy Williams MBE
Presenter and British former skeleton racer is best known for becoming the first British individual gold medallist at a Winter Olympics for 30 years. Since retiring from sport, Amy has been a full time presenter and does a number of motivational seminars. Amy is an iCandy parent and was one of the real parents testing the new iCandy for Land Rover pushchair prior to its release.