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iCandy launch Will it Fit? Campaign

(Biggleswade, UK) – 6th June 2017-

A crucial consideration for parents when visiting a retailer, browsing the internet, or going to The Baby Show is whether a particular model of pushchair will fit in the boot of their current car. One of iCandy’s core values focusses upon the notion that having a baby doesn’t mean an individual has to change their lifestyle, whether this be their sense of style, or in this case the family car. In order to help parents, iCandy has recently launched an extensive “Will it Fit” campaign across their entire range of luxury pushchairs, with even more content to come over the coming months. iCandy will be placing their pushchairs into the boot of popular cars, demonstrating how they fit into vehicles which are considered small in size.

To date, iCandy have tested their pushchairs with the most commonly searched cars on google. The iCandy range has so far been placed in a Fiat 500, a Nissan Juke, and a Volkswagen Polo. iCandy will continue to test their pushchairs in the boots of popular cars which are considered too small for most pushchairs. It may come as a surprise to some parents that iCandy strollers will fit into the smallest of vehicles, especially given the fact that many pushchairs on the market cannot do the same. Having a compact fold is crucial for storage and ensuring a family can visit desired destinations on a day out with ease. The aim of these videos is to help reassure parents who are looking to find out whether a potential iCandy pushchair will fit in their car.

Keep an eye on iCandy’s YouTube channel to remain up to date with the brand’s latest video content, and view what other popular vehicles iCandy’s luxury pushchairs are tested with.